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About Us

Quality is
our Tradition

Our culinary experts are masters in blending traditional aromatic spices with fresh Scottish produce, which results in exciting, mouth-watering plates of food. We hold extremely high standards, and all our dishes are made and cooked to order. Our chefs put in lots of effort when preparing each of the orders to fulfil your palate and individual requirements. Please bear in mind that we do not offer fast food, every order is given the time and respect it deserves.


At Cilantro our Bangladeshi and Indian menu is a true treat for all the senses. Each dish represents distinctive cooking styles and dining rituals of ancient Indian and Bangladeshi nobility. This alluring cuisine has its distinct character in terms of aroma and flavours that will leave our guests craving for more.

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High Standard of Produce

It is important that the food we serve is of the highest standard. And the quality of the produce we source is never compromised, even in the heat of the kitchen.


Collaborating the traditions of Indian and Bangladeshi cooking methods is what gives our cuisine that mouth-watering taste and is something that we are very passionate about. These standard are applied equally across the board to all in house and takeaway meals.

Customer Service

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, the smaller size of our restaurant allows us to provide more of an intimate and tailored service for each table that chooses to come sit in with us, that we pride ourselves on.

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